Drayton's Hampshire

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Map, hand coloured copper plate engraving, fantastical map of Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, published in Poly-Olbion, by Michael Drayton, poet, engraved by William Hole, about 1612.
Showing the rivers of Hampshire and Dorset, decorated with goddesses and allegorical figures for forests, islands, etc.
This bizarre map was published for inclusion in 'Poly-Olbion, or Chorographical Description of all the Tracts, Rivers, Mountains, Forests and other parts of the Renowned Isle of Great Britain, by Michael Drayton, poet; it is of no topographical interest; but it is an interesting document of its time, containing numerous classic allusions reminiscent of contemporary poetry and masques.
wxh, sheet:-    33.5x28cm
wxh, image:-    328x251mm
wxh, plate:-    33x25.5cm (approx)

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