Kitchin's Hampshire 1767

miscellany Thomas Kitchin's strip maps show incidental features beside the road, what the tourist might or should notice, perhaps.

windmills: a post mill (eg: pl.30 m.61):-
Charlton Mill
There is another at Alton.

water mills: A water mill is labelled near Southampton (eg: pl.55 m.3):-
a mill
There is a 'paper mill' elsewhere.

fortifications: Fortifications are drawn to suggest polygonal style walls around Portsmouth (eg: pl.30 m.73). At Portsey Bridge guarding Portsea Island the wall is labelled:-
a Fort
There are fortifications around Gosport and around the naval base on Portsmouth Common (eg: pl.30 m.72). Kitchin shows more fortifications in this area than his predecessors.
schools: At Alton (eg: pl.55 m.50) is:-
Free School
which is Eggars School.
posts: There is a post drawn at 'Bluck on the Heath' near Romsey (eg: pl.55 m.10) labelled:-
a post
crosses: There is a cross drawn at Picket Post near Ringwood (eg: pl.50 m.94) with no label.

antiquities: The three tumuli of Popham Beacons are copied in an unlikely shape (eg: pl.58 m.57) with no labelling. It feels as tho' the engraver had no idea what he was drawing. They are fairly indeterminate on Ogilby's map (pl.53) a hundred years earlier.

inns: Inns are not much noticed but there are one or two references. A turning is labelled:-
to Skippords Inn
from the road near Oakley. And:-
the Hutt
is labelled near Lopcomb Corner.
race courses: The race course on the downs above Salisbury, Wiltshire, is indicated by several labels:-
The Race
the Stand
gallows: A mile short of Kingston, Surrey, near Richmond Park, on the road from London to Portsmouth (pl.30 m.11) is a drawing labelled:-

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