Kitchin's Hampshire 1767

settlements Settlements in the strip maps of Kitchin's Post Chaise Companion are drawn with blocks or groups of blocks, perhaps laid out in streets in larger towns.

The notes below come from a quick look through the plates; the maps are not interesting enough to deserve a detailed study at this phase of the Old Hampshire Maps project.

city: A city most likely has a street plan; and is labelled in block caps, (eg: pl.41 m.28):-
town: Larger towns have groups of blocks along the road making a street plan, perhaps with a church as well; labelled in lowercase upright text, (eg: pl.91 m.43):-
Southampton has streets and gardens (burgess plots?) behind its houses.

village: Villages on the road have fewer blocks along the road, not making street plans (eg: pl.25 m.51); villages off the road may be shown by a drawing of a church alone (eg: pl.41 m.27); labelled in lowercase italic text, eg:-
The church symbols are drawn 'horizontally' not correctly aligned EW; some churches have a flat top tower with a cross, others have a steeple - but I have no idea whether this is by chance or design. Two of Winchesters churches are drawn and labelled:-
H[ii]e Church
Little St. Bartholm

hamlet: Hamlets may be shown by a few blocks on the road without a church (eg: pl.50 m.75); labelled, if at all in lowercase italic text:-

house: A house might be drawn as a picture; labelled in lowercase italic text (eg: pl.55 m.70):-
Brambridge House

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