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Markets and Fairs

trade In 1889 the Government published a list of charters for markets and fairs as part of:-
: 1889: Market Rights and Tolls: (parliamentary report)
This report cites 2 sources:-
Palmer:: Palmer's Index No93: (manuscript volume, Public Record Office)

Owen: 1792: New Book of Fairs
Palmer's Index No93 was believed to be complete list of all letters patent held in the PRO for these rights, from John up to Edward IV. A version of this list, arranged by county is included in:-
Richardson, John: 1974: Local Historian's Encyclopedia: Historical Pubns:: ISBN 0 9503656 0 2
Palmer's list for Hampshire, for example (from Richardson):-
Leton MF 10 John
Kerton M 16 John
Scanburne M 17 John
Clere M 2 Hen 3
Mildenhall MF 4 Hen 3
Porcester M 4 Hen 3
Charuton M 8 Hen 3
Dogmaresfeld MF 6 Ed 1
Thurklestone MF 32 Ed 1
Bourhunt MF 32 Ed 1
Middleton MF 32 Ed 1
Neuton MF 11 Ed 2
Middleton MF 12 Ed 2
Aulton F 14 Ed 2
Ev'este MF 10 Ed 3
Ringwode F 11 Ed 3
Motesfonte MF 25,26,27 Ed 3
Hamelhoke MF 28 Ed 3
Middleton MF 38 Ed 3
Romesey F 11,12,13 Ric 2
Suthwike MF 15,16,17 Ric 2
Suthwick MF 1to24 Hen 6
Tichefeld F 25,26 Hen 6
Havont MF 27to39 Hen 6
Basingstoke F 27to39 Hen 6
Berton M 5 Hen 3

The lists has numerous places not listed by county, some of these may be Hampshire's; I might have missed some or included ones that don't belong (continuing from Richardson):-
Palmer cont' Berewic
M 15 Hen 3
Bererwick MF 43 Hen 3
Berton MF 25 Hen 3
Berton F 32 Ed 1
Burgate MF 56 Hen 3
Christechirch F 42 Hen 3
Emelesworth MF 23 Hen 3
Estisted F 54 Hen 3
Fleet MF 28 Hen 3
Lyminton F 41 Hen 3
Petresfeld FF 39 Hen 3
Petrisfeld M 45 Hen 3
Porcestr M 9 Hen 3
Ringwode M 10 Hen 3
Rogate F 52 Hen 3
Romesey F 56 Hen 3
Southwic MF 19 Hen 3
Stockbrug F 5 Hen 3
Waltham MF 3 Hen 3
Waltham M 4 Hen 3
Waltham MF 11 Hen 3
Whitchurch M 25 Hen 3
Whitchurch MF 29 Hen 3
Whitchurch MF 32 Hen 3
Whitchurch MF 35 Hen 3
Winchester F 1 John

Owen's 1792 list for Hampshire, plus 1888 data, is:-
Owen Berewic
1792 1888
Alresford MF MF
Alton MF F
Andover MF F
Appleshaw F F
Barton F
Basingstoke MF F
Basingstoke Downs F
Beaulieu F
Bishops Waltham F
Blackwater F F
Botley F F
Broughton F
Christchurch MF
Eastleon F
Ealing F F
Emsworth F
Eversly F
Fareham MF
Fordingbridge F
Giles Hill nr Winton F
Gosport MF F
Hambledon F
Hartley Row F F
Havant F
Heckfield F
Kingsclear MF
Liphook F
Liss F
Lymington MF F
Lyndhurst F
Magdalen Hill nr Winton F
Mattingley MF
Newton F
Odiham MF F
Overton MF F
Petersfield MF MF
Portsmouth MF
Post Down F
Ringwood MF MF
Rowlands Castle F
Romsey MF MF
Selborne F
Southampton MF MF
Southwick F
Stockbridge F F
Sutton F
Tangley F
Titchfield F
Waltham F
Weyhill F F
Wherwell F F
Whitchurch MF
Wickham F F
Winchester MF MF

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