Paterson's Hampshire 1785-93

Daniel Paterson's strip maps show incidental features beside the road; what the tourist might or should notice, perhaps.

antiquities & hillforts: Occasional antiquities are drawn, for example Danebury has a structure drawn on top of the hill which is labelled (eg: vol.1 p.69 mile 69):-
Deanbury Hill
and (eg: vol.1 p.43 mile 63):-
Ruins of Magdalane Chapel
Are drawn on Magdalen or Morning Down, on the lovely route into Winchester from the east.

roman roads: A dotted double line is used for roman roads; which might be labelled, (eg: vol.1 p.45 mile 63):-
Ikenield way
which runs southward, on the east of Andover, from the:-
Port Way a Roman Way to Silchester

fortifications: Angular, polygonal artillery style, fortifications are drawn at Portsmoutha and Gosport (eg: vol.1 p.33 mile 72), with Haslar Hospital shown with towers at its four corners.

paper mills: A paper mill is labelled at Whitchurch (eg: vol.1 p.45 mile 56):-
Paper Mill
This is an important paper mill. No other water mills or windmills have been noticed in Hampshire (yet).

canals: Canals are drawn by a single curvy line, labelled, near Hook, (eg: vol.1 p.45 mile 39):-

inns: A number of inns are labelled, for example on the road west of Newnham, about mapledurweel, is (eg: vol.1 p.45 mile 41) the:-
Red Lion

race course: Several race courses are shown, for example west of Stockbridge, a dotted ring for the course, labelled (eg: vol.1 p.69 mile 68):-

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