Paterson's Hampshire 1785-93

roads: Roads are the reason for these maps, but the route being drawn is less prominent than in earlier road books. The road is surrounded by more detail of the countryside. The route for each strip is the familiar double line PLUS a dotted line down the centre to mark its importance (eg: vol.1 p.33 mile 69). Lesser roads are just a double line, narrower.
Some side turnings are labelled with their destination and the plate where the route is described, (eg: vol.1 p.37 mile 48):-
to Gosport p.68
Some other turnings just indicate the destination of the side road.
Occasionally a route might have alternatives. For example there are two ways shown, on the one page, of getting from Alresford to Southampton. Crossing the Itchen makes the difference; one route crosses at Winchester, the other goes through Twyford and crosses at Highbridge (eg: vol.1 pp.43/44).

Another example is the two routes from Salisbury to Southampton (vol.2 pp.23/24). One route crosses the Test at Redbridge; the other at Romsey. The distances on the latter route are given from Salisbury to Romsey, 0 to 15 miles, and from Southampton to Romsey, 0 to 8 miles, counted the other way.

A very few roads are named, (eg: vol.2 p.23 mile 11):-
London Road

road distances & distances from London & up is forward: Distances along the routes are marked by a dot every mile, labelled with the distance from London (eg: vol.1 p.33 mile 67). Or labelled with the distance from the start of the route for Cross Roads.

Distances from place to place are listed, for stages along a route, in the page header, thus on p.31/32 is (eg: vol.1 p.31 header):-
Guildford 6, Godalming 4, Lippock 13, Petersfield 8.
Guildford 4 miles from the last place innthe list on p.29/30, which was Ripley, Guildford to Godalming 4 miles, Godalming to Liphook 13, Liphook to Petersfield 8 miles.

The text itineraries also tabulate distances from place to place; do remember to read these itineraries from the bottom up (eg: vol.2 p.76) includes:-
... / Knightsbridge / 3 1/2 / Kingsclere / 9 1/4 / Basingstoke / ...

Ogilby's influence on Paterson's roads.
Road diagram derived from maps and itineraries.

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