Speed's Hampshire 1611

Beacon hills Speed's map of Hampshire, 1611-1700s, does not show many beacons, compared to Norden's map of 1595-1607. A couple are shown by a 'post', a spiky bit drawn on top of the hill, eg:-
  • Selborne Beacon with 1 post
  • Popham Beacon with 3 posts
There is a tower on a hill by Bursledon; this is perhaps Bushy Beacon?
The beacons indicated on Speed's map are marked on the sketch map of hills. In the list below the grid references are approximate:-

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'modern' name (parish; ngr) = old name (hundred) if given
Bushy Beacon? (Fareham parish; SU513085)
Popham Beacons (Steventon parish; SU529440) = Patow Beacons (Micheldevor Hundred)
Selthorne Beacon? (Brockenhurst parish; SZ273999) = Selborne Beacon (Newforrest Hundred)
Toothill Beacon? (Nursling and Rownhams parish; SU382187) = Toothill Beacon (Mansbridg Hundred)
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White, H T: 1947: Beacon System in Hampshire, The: ProcHFC: 16: pp19-22

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