Speed's Hampshire 1611

Swash lettering

Swash lettering, names of the surrounding counties, fills space on the map sheet outside Hampshire.
Water mills

A single windmill is drawn; a post mill on a hill north of Catherington, Clanfield windmill.

A spiked circle on the Bourne Rivulet between St Mary Bourne and Hurstbourne is believed to depict a watermill.


The roman town of Silchester is marked by a town symbol, labelled with town lettering, inside a paling fence; mixing symbols that already have meanings.

The hillfort, Beacon Hill Camp, Burghclere can also be found on the map.
In what is now Dorset, east of Christchurch, Speed marks Bascomb copperashouse ie Boscombe Copperas House?
and Allom house
Mining in the Canford Heath area for ores to make copperas, green vitriol, and potash alum, was an important venture in Elizabethan times.

Notes about copperas


The map has a vignette scene depicting the escape of Matilda from Winchester in 1141 during the civil war between her and Stephen; a litter carried by two horses, with attendant guard with weapons trailing, passing by ?siegeworks and armed soldiers.
The warrs betwixt Maud the Emprese (intituled Lady of England unto whom all the Nobility had sworne Aleagance) And King Stephen Earle of Bolleigne her Cosin germane, was prosecuted with such variable fortune in many conflicts on both partes: that Stephen himselfe was by her taken prisoner and reteyned in Irons with other exstremityes used, But succese of warr altering, Maud the Emprese to save her owne life adventured throwe the Host of her enimie, layde in a coffin fayned to be dead, and soe was caryed in a horse-litter from Winchester to Lutegershall Vices, and Gloucester; and thence to Oxford, whence the yere following she escaped as dangerously by deceaving the Scout watch in a deepe snowe. Anno 1141.
William, legitimate son of Henry I died in the White Ship disaster, 1120. When Henry I dies, 1135, the Norman dynasty ended in its male line and there was a dispute over the succession. The dispute was between Henry's daughter Matilda, and his nephew Stephen.

Except for this vignette and the drawing of Silchester, there is no other indication of antiquities on Speed's map.

In the New Forest a hound hunts three stags.

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