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Speed's Hampshire 1611

Symbols Settlements on Speed's map of Hampshire, are indicated by a dot in a circle for position, plus some sketchy buildings and a label. Not all places are labelled, which provides scope for misinterpretation, but checking against the earlier maps of Norden and Saxton, which Speed followed, will help. There is no table of symbols, the reader is left to guess what each symbol means. It is particularly difficult to know whether a simple circle/circle and tower mean a hamlet/village or just a big house. There are some cryptic marks attached to some circles.

city; dot and circle, and lots of buildings; lettering in upright block caps, eg:-
town; dot and circle, buildings, tower; larger lettering in upright lowercase, eg:-
A large town has dot and circle, and more buildings; larger lettering in upright lowercase, eg:-
village or parish; dot and circle, tower; lettering in small italic lowercase, eg:-
These are drawn in various styles, with perhaps a little building besides the tower.

hamlet; dot and circle; lettering in small italic lowercase, eg:-
Sometimes there is dot and circle plus an upright line on the circle, eg:-
This is not understood. Nor is the dot and circle with a carrette at
It could just be a miscopying of an upright line.
religious house; dot and circle; small italic lettering eg:-
Notes about symbols.

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