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Speed's Hampshire 1611

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Trees Woods and forests, on Speed's map of Hampshire, are shown by drawings of trees. They appear to be grouped meaningfully, either in parks, or in groups for a wood or forest, which might be labelled, eg:- Beare Forest, Limwood. There are no tree symbols in the north of the county, except in parks.

There are some forests without any trees, but labelled, eg:- Buckholt Forrest, West Forrest.


there are two styles of tree symbol.

In the New Forest there is a splendid group of deer leaping through trees and hills, chased by a hound.

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'modern' name (parish; ngr) = old name (hundred) if given
Buckholt Forest = Buckholt Forrest (Thornegate Hundred)
Chute Forest = Chure Forrest (Andover without Hundred)
East Bere Forest? = Beare Forest (Portesdowne Hundred)
Linwood Coppice (Bramshaw parish; SU2414) = Limwood (Newforrest Hundred)
New Forest = Newe Forrest (Rinwood Hundred)
West Bere Forest = West Forrest (Budlesgate Hundred)
Notice that, copying from Norden 1607, the 'Beare' belonging to West Bere Forest is engraved as part of the name of Weeke, 'Beareweek'.

Coleburn, Phil; Court, Nicky; Howe, Johnathon: 1995 (2nd edn): Ancient Woodland: Hampshire County Council (Planning Dept):: ISBN 01 85975 046 X

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