Raw data

Speed's Hampshire 1611

Two sorts of raw data are offered for the study of Speed's map of Hampshire, 1611.
  • A comma delimited file of place name and position data.
  • Image files of the map and feature 'layers'.
BEWARE: The image files can be large, from 50K up to about 2.5Mbytes; you must decide which you want to access and save on your local machine. Image sizes are given in the menu; two figures correspond to two files accessed together.

Each image has registration marks: upper left, lower left, lower right:-
upper left at SU05
lower left at SU00
lower right at SU80
The registration mark is at the origin of the grid square.

The set of images for this maker match each other in size, scale, and orientation.

The same registration marks have been used for other maker's maps. You will have to rotate maps by different makers to register them together.

The distances apart of the registration marks, if they had been marked on the original map are:-
width SU00 to SU80 is 335mm
height SU00 to SU05 is 209mm
grid 7.4 degrees anticlockwise.

transparency The feature layer images, their label images, the ngr grid and boundary images are 'transparent .gif' files (gif 89a with the transparent layer colour index 255 pointing to white 255,255,255).

printing At 194.2dpi the image files will printout at the original size of the map.

filenames The image file names have three parts:-
[Maker][Feature][E or A].gif

is Speed's map of Hampshire 1611, Rivers, Extracted from the map. The corresponding A file is Added 'modern' data.

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