Pewsey, Wiltshire KAC42.25 (?)

KandAC mile 42
The culvert carries water from a wet area north of the canal, to the south side. Here it spills out into woodland, presumably heading for the Ford Brook.
South end of the culvert, the outflow; hardly enough water flowing to make a streamlet in the woodland. The protective fence is unusual. Also notice the steps made by iron pins and wood baulks down the canal embankment, access for the canal lengthsman.
The culverts on the eastern part of the Kennet and Avon canal are a brick tunnel, three courses of brick thick, the length being the width of the canal embankment. The ends of the culvert are protected by a wall, curve and batter resisting the pressure from behind. Work out the task of building this apparently simple feature of the canal.

Kennet and Avon Scrapbook 2000