Kennet and Avon Canal
MILE 50 Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire : KAC50.00=KAC51.00

KandAC mile 50
KandAC mile 50 - OS 1inch map, early 19th century.
... across the fields a cluster of brick, timber frame, whitewash, thatch, tile, slate, and a large church ...
The Kennet and Avon Canal from mile 50 to 51 is part of the Fifteen Mile Pound which roughly follows a contour line on the side of Pewsey Vale. The towpath is on the south side.
KandAC culvert 50.16
KandAC culvert 50.38
Horton Waste Weir, Bishops Cannings
Maintenance work on the canal, diggers etc by the drained canal.
Two caterpillar tracked maintenance vehicles carrying coir rolls which are used to reinforce the rebuilding of the canal bank.
Bishops Cannings Swing Bridge, Bishops Cannings
Pillbox just west of Bishops Cannings swing bridge, on the off side. The canal was a defence line against invasion forces in World War II. The pillbox is polygonal concrete, facing south.
Highly organised leaves, a thistle.
There are several culverts under the canal in this area, draining water into Spaniel's Brook which feeds Etchilhampton Water to the south.
KandAC culvert 50.62
KandAC culvert 50.72
KandAC winding point 50.76
Horton village, what there is of it.
Location post '15' for fishing, 'WICAC F8'; Wiltshire something something Angling Club?
St Mary's Church, Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire, across the fields on the opposite side of the canal. The style is Early English, about 13th century; the spire on the tower at its crossing, and the high stair turret, are 15th century additions.
There is a small steeple, on the stairhead, alongside the large steeple. The local rumour is that when the littl'un grows up as big as the big'un the World will End.

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