Kennet and Avon Canal
MILE 59 Seend and Melksham Without, Wiltshire : KAC59.00=KAC60.00

KandAC mile 59
KandAC mile 59 - OS 1inch map, early 19th century.
... some parts of the canal are unexciting ...
The Kennet and Avon Canal from mile 59 to mile 60 has a bend and a couple of bridges, running level on a contour along the valley of the Semington Brook. The towpath is on the north.
KandAC culvert 59.04
Seend Park Foot Swing Bridge, Seend
Overflow; notice the stop groove so that the canal level can be regulated. And notice the moorhen.
KandAC culvert 59.28
Lowes Swing Bridge, Seend
The farm close to the canal on the south is Seend Park Farm.
A five bar gate from the towpath gives access to Giles Wood
GILES WOOD / 5,000 / British Trees / PLANTED 1993
The notice on the gate asks your help:-
GILES WOOD / If you would like to walk in / the wood and pull any / Ragwort plants out of the / ground and leave them to die / it would help greatly. / Ragwort is poisonous if eaten by animals. / There is a sample of the / plant near this notice. / Thank you.
Milepost 59 II; as usual without number plate
Parish boundary Seend - Melksham Without: ST91396086
Melksham Park Swing Bridge, Melksham Without
Barely a quarter mile to the south is Littleton Woollen Mill on the Semington Brook. This mill used water turbines and was latterly owned by J Noad. There was a riot here in 1802 or 1803 which led to the destruction of the scribbling and fulling mill, and to the trial and hanging of Thomas Helliker (Elleker?), shearman, from Trowbridge.
Amphibious persicaria, Polygonum amphibium, in the water.
Wheat, ripening nicely.
KandAC culvert 59.72

Kennet and Avon Scrapbook 2000