Kennet and Avon Canal
MILE 66 Bradford-on-Avon and Westwood, Wiltshire : KAC66.00=KAC67.00

KandAC mile 66
KandAC mile 66 - OS 1inch map, early 19th century.
... deep shaded by woods cooing with pigeons ...
The Kennet and Avon Canal from mile 66 to mile 67 runs parallel the River Avon and the railway and a minor road from Bradford-on-Avon to Turleigh, all in a deepening valley. This is part of Nine Mile Pound. The towpath is on the north side.
Milepost 66
Stern fender.
Looking back, north east, from the towpath it is possible to see Barton Bridge, an old packhorse bridge across the Avon.
The River Avon is 70ft below the canal. In 1802 the whole canal slid down to join it. Samuel Miles, in Lives of the Engineers:-
... the cutting is mostly through open rock and beyond that through beds of tough clay interspersed with strata of fuller's earth. The water at these points worked serious mischief, for after a heavy fall of rain it would filter through the earth, and the weight of the mass pressing down from above, tended to force out the soft clay, causing extensive slips. On one occasion, not less than seven acres of land slid into the canal, forcing the whole down into the river in the valley below. To remedy this source of mischief, soughs or small tunnels were carried into the hillside for a considerable distance, at a level much below that of the canal. ...
The landslip put up the cost of the canal.
Boat name, Lady of the Lake.
The stone walls of the canal are difficult for ducks to climb, so little ramps have been made for them. They seem to fly out at other spots quite happily.
There is a plug in the bed of the canal at about 66m 4ch. The plug is an iron bound square of wood in a hole in the canal bed. A chain from the plug could be wound up by a wince, a roller turned by hand spikes, with a ratchet and pawl to stop it slipping back. Water going down the hole runs into a culvert and thence to a nearby stream. Sections of the canal could be stopped off by stop gates or stanks to be drained for maintenance.
remains of the wince for the canal plug.
Work boat moored by the canal.
Blackberries, to come, Rubus caesius?
Great plantain, Plantago major.
Sycamore, Acer sp.
The wood on the south side on a steep edge is Gripe Wood; you can see the river through the trees on the north side, and occasionally a racing sculls or pair.
Boat on the canal.
Bradford Swing Bridge, Bradford-on-Avon
Meadows Bridge, Bradford-on-Avon
KandAC culvert 66.44
There is an overflow on the offside; its runoff joins the stream passing by the sewage works that side.
Canal overflow weir.
A place for cows to drink?
There is a plug in the canal bed at about 66 miles 46 chains.
The woods on the north side are called Becky Addy Wood. There was a stone quarry in the wood; stone was taken by tramroad across the Avoncliff Aqueduct to a wharf. On top of the hillside that side is the village of Westwood.
Stern fender
Boat bow, and how.
Wood structure inside the bow of an old boat.
The bow of an old boat.
Work boat.
Bow of old boat; bow fender, cleat, etc.
Stern of old boat; curved tiller.
Parish boundary Bradford-on-Avon - Westwood: ST81266020

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