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REVISION After Martin's death in 2018, and needing to transfer our websites to another server, I took the opportunity to undertake a major revision to this site. It had been called variously a Checklist, a Catalogue, a Collection and was trying to do too many things at the same time. I found it difficult to use. But its contents were so rich that I decided to re-organise them in an attempt to make them more readily available. I was unable to access the database he used so I have had to work on the existing 5,000+ pages in any way I could...
Jean Norgate 2020

USAGE - It depends on where you want to start.
  • To see the scanned images of Hampshire maps choose one of the indexes to the Illustrated Map Collection which will take you to a Map Collection page. Note that there may be several images here. The images were scanned by me from the collection held by Hampshire County Council Museums Service HCCMS (in 2003), plus a few from private collections.
    This page includes information about the item; IF YOU WANT MORE, go from here to its Map Group page which is a hub, with links to any other related items in the collection and to Research Notes which can be about any item in the group.

    Choose One-inch scale Maps for a useful presentation of five large scale maps which cover Hampshire.

  • To include much wider research into the mapping of HAMPSHIRE you will need a Map Group index. This will allow you access to sources relevant to Hampshire - maps, whether illustrated or not, books etc - including some items not in the HCCMS Collection. The Map Group hub leads you to all Martin's Research Notes relating to this group and now collected together in a single page. The Research Notes vary enormously in scope; they could just reference a relevant book, or provide information on publication or on the mapmaker, or give a detailed map analysis, or even full transcripts of journeys. Both the Map Group and Research Notes pages provide links to all the relevant items in the collection and DO NOT FORGET to check the basic information on each individual Map Collection page as well.

  • To access the whole HCCMS Map Collection, including items not relating to Hampshire (eg maps of other counties in an atlas), choose that option. It is a very large file and has been divided but may still be slow to load. (The privately held items are listed too.) Each entry will lead to a Map Collection page - a thumbnail will indicate if it is illustrated. For more information about a Hampshire item, you will be offered Map Group which provides links to related Map Collection pages and to Research Notes for the group, if they exist.

  • Choose Topics for cross-map subjects, in particular a feature-by-feature comparison, and the General Index for everything else
The "browsing" function has been removed and replaced by framesets as they appear to be the only way not to get lost in such a wealth of information. Navigate by the links (but to avoid confusion fewer links are offered), or use the specific indexes, or use the back button.
Apart from the small map feature "snips", clicking on a small image will usually take you to a larger one, and vice-versa.
Note:- I am not qualified to modify collection pages, nor to link or unlink pages from groups.

CONTENT - several overlapping sets
  • Map Collection Pages hold the information about items, usually maps, in the HCCMS Map Collection (up to 2003, whilst Martin was Documentation Officer.) Each "item" (which might consist of more than one map/page etc) has its unique identity number and its own web page; some items do not relate to Hampshire. Many Hampshire maps were scanned. A few privately owned items of particular importance to Hampshire, that were kindly made available for us to use, have also been given their own Map Collection Page. Most HAMPSHIRE items are part of a Map Group.

  • Map Groups were created by Martin (called MAP TYPES) for single items or groups of related items which were RELEVANT TO HAMPSHIRE, whether or not they were in the HCCMS collection. The Map Group page now provides a HUB for all (if any) Map Collection Pages belonging to the group and often to a Research Notes page, and occasionally to other groups and to external sources.

  • Research Notes are reached via the Map Group page (and occasionally directly from another group research page). A single web page has now been created to hold all the information about any items within the Group, where it is beyond the scope of what can be offered in individual Map Collection pages. Research Notes might only hold basic information about a relevant map or book which is not in the HCCMS Map Collection. It will include what was in Martin's CHECKLIST, which was intended for print publication and contained title and scale-line images and included publishing history and references. Also included are all of his very extensive NOTES about particular maps and books. Unless the information is minimal, there are clear links to sections within the page. Sometimes you will be offered a direct link to the sister site Old Hampshire Mapped for text transcriptions, map comparisons etc. The Map Collection pages in the group can be reached from here too and the information provided in individual pages should not be overlooked.

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