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Basic access   These indexes provide quick access to the pages which have scanned images - just click on any screen-size or thumbnail image for a larger one. Some information is included, and a link to more.
The items relate to Hants (ie Hampshire, often including the Isle of Wight). Unless otherwise specified, index entries are for area maps, which can show roads, canals, railways, relief, at appropriate dates. The following may also be indicated:-
abbreviations:-   country = a larger area, South England, England & Wales or GB, etc. from which data for Hampshire may be shown separately.
1inch = map of scale 1 inch to 1 mile, covering whole of Hampshire
coast = chart of all or part of Hampshire coast/rivers/sea including Isle of Wight
IoW = focuses on Isle of Wight
plan = town plan or local area of Hampshire
geol = geological map
road = area map dedicated to roads
strip = strip road map and derivatives, (occasionally railways)
contour = diagram showing contours of roads
tri = triangular table of distances
canal = plan of a canal in Hampshire
railway = map dedicated to railways, can be a strip map
Map Image Types:-   Sorting is basic, allocating only one type to most maps. Use the comprehensive A-Z index to find particular details.
Map Image Scales:-   Maps are divided by scale approximately but within a group they are listed by date. The allocations are not guaranteed!

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