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NB: typical illustrated examples are described, NOT ALL examples.
absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

Norden 1595
(copperas works)
On the coast W of Christchurch are:-
Allom chine copperas house
bascambe copperas house

Norden 1607
(copperas works)
Copperas mines are drawn and labelled at:-
Alomechine Copperas house
Bascombe Copperas house

Jansson 1646
(copperas works)
On the coast south west of Iford is:-

Bascomb copperas house

Blome 1673
(copperas works)
In the south west corner of the county there is:-

Bascomb copperas house

Morden 1695
(copperas works)

A copperas works is shown on the coast west of Christchurch.
Bascomb Coperas house

Morden 1708
(copperas works)
On the south west coast of the county is:-

Bascomb Coperas

Moll 1724
(copperas works)

Boscomb Copperas H.
ie house, labelled along the shore from Boscombe.

Rocque 1746
(copperas works; alum works)
On the coast west of Christchurch are square symbols labelled:-
Boscomb Copperas H.
Allom H.
marking the place of either mines or works for these chemicals.

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