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In order by date from the Map group (maker year)
NB: typical illustrated examples are described, NOT ALL examples.
absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

Faden 1796
An inn might be marked, for example:-

Red Lion [south of Stoke Charity]

Cooke 1802
An inn or two is noticed, eg:-

Wheat Sheaf
Stag & Hounds
on the road from Basingstoke to Popham.

Laurie and Whittle 1806
A number of inns are marked and labelled, they are useful to travellers, eg:-

Wheatsheaf Inn
Leckford Hut
Hill Pound Inn

Wilkes 1806
At least one inn is labelled:-

New Inn
by the cross roads south of Privett.

OS 1810s Old Series
Inns are labelled here and there, not in towns, eg:-

Public Ho.
P. Ho.
Red Lion [S of Stratfield Turgis]
The Plough [Bramshill]
Qn Charlotte Inn [E of Andover]
Dean Gate Inn
Deluge Hut [SW of Crawley]

Wallis 1810
A couple of inns are labelled:-
Wheat Sheaf
at Popham, and:-
Stag and Hounds
somewhere in this area.

Rowe 1816
A number of inns are marked by a block and labelled, eg:-
Bottom Inn [London to Portsmouth road, S of Buriton]
Wheatsheaf Inn [Basingstoke to Winchester road]
Deluge Hut [Winchester to Stockbridge road, S of Crawley]
But also off the main road system, eg:-
Rising Sun [N of Bashley]

Hall 1820
Along some roads inns are labelled, eg:-

Anchor Inn [between Chawton and Alresford]
George Inn [N of West Meon]
Raven Inn [between Hartford Bridge and Basingstoke]
Hart Inn [between Hartford Bridge and Basingstoke]

Pinnock 1821
The Leckford Hut appears, labelled:-
Ludford Hut
also, at Popham Lane:-

Pinnock 1821
At least one more inn is drawn:-
The Hut
at Westmeon.

Greenwood 1826
Some inns are noticed on turnpike and cross roads. It is not always possible to known in a group of blocks for a village, which building is the pub. Inns like:-

Deluge Hut [SW of Crawley]
Leckford Hut
Red Lion [Oakhanger]
P.Ho. [S of Alresford]

Darton 1830s
Some inns are marked and labelled, eg:-
Wheatsheaf Inn
6m southwest of Basingstoke, and:-

Raven Inn
near Hook.

Murray 1830
A number of inns are shown by roads, eg:-

Rising Sun [N of Bashley]
Queen Charle. Inn [E of Andover]
Lion Inn [S of Basingstoke]

Duncan 1833
Some inns are labelled, eg:-

The Hut [N of West Meon]
Rising Sun [N of Bashley]
Raven [E of Hook]
Public Ho. [N of Paultons Park]
Dean Gate Inn [W of Church Oakley]
The last is a reminder of turnpike gates.

Robson 1839
A few inns are labelled, eg:-
Rising Sun
on a minor road north of Bashley. And:-

Dean Gate Inn
suggesting a turnpike gate, west of Church Oakley.

Sporting Review 1842
A couple of inns get a mention as places of a meet. Eg:-
Lunway's Inn

Collins 1850
Some inns are marked by roads, eg:-

Wheatsheaf Inn
at Popham Lane; the Sun Inn is just up the road.

Cruchley 1856
The map marks a number of inns on roads, mostly by label alone, eg:-
Bottom Inn
about mile 59 on the road to Portsmouth south of Petersfield. And:-

Sun Inn
Wheatsheaf Inn
both on Popham Lane outside Basingstoke.
at mile 43+ on the Western Road west of Nately Scures.

Philip 1857-1900
A few inns are noticed, for example:-

Lion Inn [north of Cliddesden]
Travellers Rest [north of Freefolk]
Hen & Chickens [Froyle]

Brannon 1859
Some inns are noticed. Eg:-
The Bell [S of Bramshaw]
Deluge Hut [halfway from Winchester to Stockbridge]
Horse and Groom [N of East Tisted]

Dispatch 1863
A number of inns are marked, or at least labelled, eg:-
Red lion
near Nately Scures, and:-
Dean Gate Inn
which might suggest an old toll gate, and:-
Sun Inn
north east of Popham Lane.

Kelly 1875
An inn might be noticed, eg:-
Rising Sun [Wooton, New Forest]

Letts 1884
A number of inns are noticed, for example:-

Dog & Crook [Timsbury by Romsey]
West Meon Hut
Anchor Inn [Ropley]

Fothergill 1900s
Inns are marked along the highway by a block, for a building, and labelled, eg:-
White Hart [Basingstoke, Whitchurch, or Hook]
George Inn [Middle Wallop]

Gall and Inglis 1900s
(way points; bridges; inns; road junctions)
A variety of other way points are labelled in the lowercase italic small text. For example, the route of the Lands End road includes:-
... Bagshot, Golden Farmer, Blackwater, Hartford Bri, Hartley Row, Phoenix Green, Crooked Billet, Hook, Nately Scures, Hatch Inn, BASINGSTOKE, Worting, Newfound, Oakley Station, Deane, Ashe, Overton, Laverstoke, Freefolk, Whitchurch, Hurstbourne Priors, Andover Down, Little Ann, Down Farm, Middle Wallop, Tack, Lobscombe Corner, ...
There are tiny symbols for junctions, etc, which are explained at the beginning of the road book.

Bacon 1906
An inn might be labelled, eg:-
Coach & Horses [SW of Butser Hill]

Johnson 1907
For example the Jolly Farmers outside Bagshot in the London to Lands End road.

OS 1920s Popular Edition
Numerous inns are labelled:-
though it is not often clear which building is meant in a village. On a road the building might be marked clearly, eg:-

Ely Inn
by the London road between Blackwater and Basingstoke, on Yateley Common.

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