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NB: typical illustrated examples are described, NOT ALL examples.
absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

Saxton 1575
(mills; windmills)
Windmills are drawn on the map, for example two on Portes down. The mills are post mills with four sails.

Norden 1595
(mills; water mills; windmills)

A fine post mill is drawn on a hillock W of Chalton.

A circle with paddles is drawn in the Bourne Rivulet between Hurstbourne and St Mary Bourne.

Norden 1607
(mills; windmills)

A post mill is drawn at Clanfield.

Blaeu 1645
(mills; water mills; windmills)
There is a symbol taken to mean a water mill; a circle with radiating spokes - a wheel and paddles? This is on the Bourne Rivulet between St Mary Bourne and Hurstbourne.

A fine post mill is drawn at 'Katerington'.

Jansson 1646
(mills; water mills; windmills)

A water mill is drawn by a circle and rays, ie the water wheel, on the Bourne Rivulet north west of Hurstbourne.

A windmill, a post mill, is drawn on a hillock near 'Katerington'.

Blome 1673
(mills; water mills; windmills)

Beside the river SE of St Mary Bourne is a circle with rays which is a watermill.

There is a post mill drawn on the hill NW of Chalton
Although there is no symbol, a mill is labelled at the junction of the Blackwater, Whitewater, etc at the north boundary of the county:-
New Mill
This is probbaly the mill of that name on the Blackwater, which is now in Berkshire.

Ogilby 1675
(mills; windmills)

Atop the hill by road from the city is a post mill.

Collins 1693
(mills; windmills)
On Portsdown is a post mill, labelled:-


Collins 1693
(mills; windmills)
A post mill is drawn on Portsdown.

Avery 1721
(salterns; windmills)
Along the shore between Lymington and Milford are small buildings labelled:-
a note printed below the descriptions of tides tells us:-
N.B. the Letters s.h. where ever they occur stand for Salt Houses.
There are numerous windmills, drawn as post mills, with the salterns. On Portsea Island, north east coast, are:-
Salt Pans

Bellin 1762
(mills; water mills; windmills)
On some rivers there is a circle with rays, indicating a water mill, labelled eg:-

Etang et Moulin
mill pond and mill at Beaulieu.

Moulin de Bourne
on the River Ems. Note that Thorney Island is shown as an island, which it isn't.
North of Bitterne is:-
Moulin a Papier
At Compton, West Sussex, there is a windmill, a post mill, on a hillock:-
Moulin de Compton

Bowen 1763
(mills; windmills)
At least one windmill is marked by a post mill symbol, labelled:-
Ropley Mill

Hinton 1765
(mills; windmills)
Post mills are drawn near Edmundsbury, 74m. from London on the Wells road.

Whitworth 1770
(mills; water mills)
Water mills are shown along the River Test:-
Mill [Romsey]
Kimbridge Mill
Houghton Mill
and on the River Anton:-
Nours's Mill [Lower Clatford]
Clatford Mill
Rooksbury Mill
Mr Barlow's Mill [S of Andover]

Jefferys 1775
(mills; windmills)
Windmills might be shown by a drawing of a post mill. Some are named, eg:-

Walton Mill
in Somerset.

Bowles 1782
(mills; water mills; windmills)
A number of mills are shown on the map
Water mills are shown by a circle with rays, eg:-

(page 103/104 scroll 2 mile 40)
Paper Mill
both near the Hampshire/Surrey border at mile 40-41 from London.
Windmills are shown by a drawing of a post mill, eg at Alton:-

(page 103/104 scroll 2 mile 47)

Cary 1787
(mills; water mills)
A number of water mills are shown, usually just by a label, with a symbol. The map would repay a study to locate its record of old mills. For example, up the River Test are:-
Great Bri Mill [N of Romsey]
Mill [top of Lockerley Brook]
Overshot Watering Mill [at Lower Wallop]
Mill [at Stockbridge]
I have not noticed any windmills.

von Reilly c1789
(mills; water mills)
A water mill is marked by a rayed circle on a stream on the east side of Hayling Island, labelled:-

Faden 1796
(mills; water mills; windmills)

A number of water mills are shown by a rayed circle symbol, for the water wheel, labelled, eg:-
Fleet Mill
Holbury Mill
Mill [at Lower Wallop]
Paper Mill [at Hook]
A drawing of a post mill marks the windmill west of Uppr. Hurstbourne.

Knight 1797
(relief; hill hachuring; windmills)
Hill hachuring is used to suggest the landform immediately behind the coast line. Other relief is not shown, except:-

drawn behind Portsmouth Harbour. A few trees suggest woodland; and a post mill shows a windmill.

Knight 1799
(mills; windmills)
Windmills are shown by a post mill symbol at Southsea, on Portsdown with a flag, and at Fareham. Windmills make good landmarks.

Wilkes 1806
(mills; water mills)

G[ ] Bri Mill
on the Test, north of Romsey

OS 1810s Old Series
(mills; windmills; water mills)
Water mills are just labelled, perhaps with their specialised purpose, eg:-

Horsebridge Mill
Fulling Mill [S of Froyle]
Mill [nr Neatham]
Kingsclere Mill
Paper Mill [E of Whitchurch]
Corn Mill [SE of Bishops Waltham]
Wood Mill [South Stoneham]
Windmills have a drawing of a post mill, even if it is a tower mill as at Bursledon.

Bursledon Mill
Broad halfpenny Mill
Charlton Wind Mill
and maybe there is just a clue in a hill name, eg:-
Windmill Hill [NW of Farnborough]

Cundee 1815
(mills; water mills)
Some water mills are noticed, for example. A block by the Wallop Brook, where it crosses the road from Stockbridge to Salisbury, is labelled:-
Overshot Mill
which is descriptive rather than nominative. And on the Test by Romsey is:-
Great Bri Mill

Greenwood 1826
(mills; water mills; windmills)
Water mills are marked by a neat rayed circle across or by a stream, labelled, eg:-

Cheriton Mill
Yateley Mill
Paper Mill [SW of Whitchurch]
Silk Mills [in Andover]
Windmills are marked by a post mill symbol, whether they are a post mill or a tower mill, labelled as:-

Hambledon Mill
Kimpton Mill
Ibthorp Mill

Duncan 1833
North of East Woodhay is:-
Ball Mill

Robson 1839
(mills; water mills)
On the Test south west of Whitchurch is:-


Sheringham 1840s-50s
(mills; windmills)
Windmills, drawn by a drawing of a tower mill or post, are useful sea marks. Several are shown, some are labelled, for example:-

Portsdown Mill 457 feet
Dock Mill
Mill [near Lumps Fort]

Unlabelled, W of Forton Lake.

Cruchley 1856
(mills; water mills; windmills)
A spiked wheel symbol on the River Meon marks:-

Funtly Mill
North of Bentworth there is a post mill symbol:-

Dispatch 1863
(mills; water mills; windmills)
A block by a river might mark a water mill, labelled:-
for instance, several around Romsey. The mill might be named, eg:-
Lockerly Mill
Holbury Mill
further up the Test. There do not seem to be mill symbols. On a hill, nowhere near a stream (not a marked stream), is:-
Sheer Hill Mill
on the south end of Waltham Chase, which might be a windmill? At Bursledon is:-
Burslean Mill
which is a windmill.

Kelly 1875
(mills; water mills)
A mill might be noticed, eg:-
Riseley Mill [N of Heckfield]
Mill [E of Petersfield]

Bacon 1906
(mills; windmills)
The mill is not drawn, but
is labelled by Chalton.

OS 1920s Popular Edition
(mills; water mills; windmills)

Durley Mill
a water mill on the River Meon.

Old Windmill
this is Bursledon Windmill, which is a tower mill; the symbol is a conventional symbol for a windmill, a postmill.

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