Collection of Hampshire Maps

One Inch Maps

one inch  
one mile
The first map of Hampshire at a scale one inch to one mile, 1 to 63360, was made by Isaac Taylor, published 1759. County mapping at this scale was encouraged by a premium offered by the Society of Arts, ... Isaac Taylor's map, though a splendid document for us today, did not win a prize.

William Faden, map maker and publisher, commissioned Thomas Milne to make a new one inch map of Hampshire, published 1791. William Faden preferred to do this rather than republish Isaac Taylor's map sheets.

This scale of mapping is next carried out by the recently formed Ordnance Survey. Their survey of Hampshire resulted in a number of maps published in the 1810s as part of what is now referred to as the 'Old Series' one inch maps, the OS 'first edition'. Note that the sheets in the HMCMS Map Collection are different printings, with various amendments, from various dates, 1810s-50s. These maps are no longer focussed on the counties of England, but are part of a national series.

C and J Greenwood surveyed the county again in the 1820s; their own work but using the triangulation of the Ordnance Survey. The Hampshire sheets were published in 1826.

sheets   All of the one inch maps are published on several sheets to cover the county.

The maps are presented here in sections dictated by practical criteria - some of the maps are sectioned for folding, some 'sets' are folded in different ways, etc. Sadly this means that the images cannot be presented in parallel; the sections used for one map do not match those of another map.