NOTES about raw data

cdf data Subsets of data from the database have been downloaded into comma delimited files which can be loaded into table style databases, such as dBase and its many clones, Microsoft Access, or powerful relational databases like Oracle.

Because these database systems are limited the data is less comprehensive than is possible with a MODES style data structure.

If you wish to load data into a table, because browsers differ it is recommended that you copy and paste it into a simple text editor (eg Notepad, without wordwrap) and save it as a text file.

Place Identity- modern name with type and position; comma delimited
Old Placename with date and maker; comma delimited
Map maker with date and definitive placename and old placename; comma delimited
Who shows what place; comma delimited

xml data Records can be expressed in XML; this is a standard output from the database management system, MODES for Windows, matching the style of data structure native to MODES.

About 18 records have been written to a web page to show the xml structure.

   Old Hampshire Gazetteer - JandMN: 2001