Berkshire and Hampshire Railway

railway, broad gauge railway


refce: JandMN

commentary: Berkshire and Hampshire Railway, later GWR, from Reading, Berkshire to Basingstoke, Hampshire, authorized 30 June 1845, opened 1 November 1848. NB only parts in Hampshire described below.
The route ran through Mortimer Station, Berkshire, through Bramley Station, to Basingstoke Station.

Associated with
person railway company: Berkshire and Hampshire Railway
date 1845-1846

Associated with
person railway company: Great Western Railway, GWR
date 1846-1948

Associated with
person railway company: British Railways, BR
date 1948

mapping: goes through
Mortimer Station (Berkshire)
-- SU655620
Bramley Station, Bramley
-- SU650533
Basingstoke Station, Basingstoke
30.6.1845: authorized
1.11.1848: opened

   Old Hampshire Gazetteer - JandMN: 2001