Bramshaw Telegraph

Bramshaw Telegraph, Bramshaw
telegraph station, shutter telegraph
refce: HANTSLOC.t

commentary: 9.5 miles from Toothill; at 419ft, 2.75m from Bramshaw village, 'telegraph post'.
previous station Toothill Telegraph, Nursling and Rownhams
on Portsmouth Shutter Telegraph Line
next station Pistle Down Telegraph (Wiltshire)
refce: Holmes, T W: 1983: Semaphore, The: Stockwell, Arthur (Ifracombe, Devon):: ISBN 0 7223 1629 1

old map
Bramshaw Telegraph
Shown on an old map by Greenwood 1826
- telegraph station
refce: Greenwood 1826
13.5 miles from Southampton on the road to ...
Bramshaw Telegraph

otherwise: Telegraph Hill
- telegraph station - Hampshire
refce: Skelly, P, Mrs: 6.1998: (telephone conversation)
at junction of B3080 and B3078 at Dead Man's Hill, no traces, Forestry Commission sign 'Telegraph Hill'

refce: Wilson, Geoffrey: 1976: Old Telegraphs, The: Phillimore:: ISBN 0 900592 76 6
9.5 miles from Toot Hill; fine open site in heath in New Forest.

   Old Hampshire Gazetteer - JandMN: 2001