50.56N 1.47W : lat'n'long
refce: HANTSLOC.t

old map: 25inch County Series map -- Hants LXII.3

otherwise: Fordingebrig', 1227; Fordingebrug', 1255
- settlement, town
refce: Coates 1989
FORDINGBRIDGE, town and hundred
Old English/Middle English 'bridge of the dwellers at Ford', this being the name of the place before there was a bridge (1086, 1242 'Forde'). The names survived as aliases for both the town and the hundred into the 15th century. In the last quarter of the 13th century a short lived tradition emerges with 'Forth-'.

old gazetteer

Period - 19th century, early
refce: Brookes 1815
a town in Hampshire, with a market on Saturday, and a manufacture of checks and bed-ticks; seated on the Avon, 10m S Salisbury, and 88 W by S London.

old map
Shown on an old map by Harrison 1788
- settlement, town - Fordingbridge Hundred - Hampshire
Period - 1780s
refce: Harrison 1788

old map
Fording Bridge
Shown on an old map by Badeslade 1742
- settlement, town - Hampshire
Period - 1740s
refce: Badeslade 1742

Fording bridge
The place is described in text Cox 1738
- Hampshire
refce: Cox 1738
Fording bridge, a Market-Town, giving Name to the adjoining Hundred. The Market is on [ ] and the Fair upon the last Day of the Dog-Days, Aug. 28.
The Town was much larger than now it is, because it hath suffered much by Fire at several Times, particularly about ten or twelve Years ago, and the Houses have not been re-built.

old map
Shown on an old map by Morden 1695
- settlement, town - Fordingbridg Hundred - Hampshire
Period - 1690s-1720s
refce: Morden 1695

old map
Fording bridge
Shown on an old map by Blaeu 1645
- settlement, village - Fording Bridge Hundred - Hantshire
refce: Blaeu 1645

table of distances
otherwise: Fording-bridge
Shown on an old map by Simmons 1643
- Hamshire
Period - 1630s-40s
refce: Simmons 1643
in the S.W. sector of the thumbnail map; 77 miles from London

old map
Fording bridge
Shown on an old map by Speed 1611
- settlement, village - Fordi~cbridge Hundred - Hantshire
refce: Speed 1611

old map
Shown on an old map by Norden 1607
- settlement, village - Fordingbridg Hundred - Hamshire
Period - 1590s-1600s
refce: Norden 1607

Listed in Domesday Book
- Fordingebrige Hundred - Hantescire
Period - 11th century
refce: Domesday Book 1086 (28.9)
TERRA ROB~TI FILII GIROLDI ... Isd~ Rob~t ten. FORDE et Rob~t de eo . Aluui tenuit in alod~ de rege E ...

Listed in Domesday Book
- Fordingebrige Hundred - Hantscire
Period - 11th century
refce: Moody 1862 (Domesday)

old map
see:- Gough Map

Period - 14th century (about 1360)
refce: Gough Map
for[ ]ngbrigg

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