Warblington, Havant
refce: HANTSLOC.t

old map: 25inch County Series map -- Hants LXXVI.11

otherwise: Warblitetone, 1086; Warbligetona, 1170; Werblinton, 1186; Warblinton; Warblintone; Warblington; Warblingtone, 1200-1299?

refce: Coates 1989
There are several formal possibilities for this, all involving the Old English woman's name 'Waerblith' as Ekwall surmised in the Dictionary of English Place Names. It may be hypothetical 'Waerblithantun'='Waerblith's farm', hypothetical 'Waerblithingtun' the same in essence, or hypothetical 'Waerblithingatun'='farm of those associated with Waerblith'. Possibly there was variation involving more than one of these forms. Further variants on the name(s) seem to have been current in the Middle Ages and later: cf 'Warbelton' (about 1230) and 'Warlington' (1542). These may be an error and a spelling analogue for the nearby 'Farlington' respectively.

old map
Shown on an old map by Harrison 1788
- settlement, town - Bosmere Hundred - Hampshire
Period - 1780s
refce: Harrison 1788

The place is described in text Cox 1738
- Hampshire
refce: Cox 1738
And on the East [of Havant] / Warblington, a Village chiefly noted for its Lords of the same Names, who were famous in their Generation; for Thomas de Warblington was not only Sheriff of this County 26 Edward I. but was Member of Parliament for the same, 1 & 4 Edward II. and after him John and William de Warblington served in the same Station in the following Reign of King Edward III
The Earls of Salisbury had afterwards a beautiful Seat in this Place, which in Queen Elizabeth's Days, was in the Family of the Cottons, of which was Dr. Henry Cotton, the Son of Sir Richard Cotton Knt. to whom that great Queen had been Godmother, and made him Bishop of Salisbury, to which, when she had advanced him, she said, 'That formerly she had blessed many of her Godsons, but never before had a Godson that should bless her.' With this Bishop, Dr. William Cotton, of another Family, was consecrated Bishop of Exeter, whereupon the Queen (as Dr. Fuller tells us) made this Pun, 'That she had now well cotton'd the West,' alluding to the Plenty of Clothing in those Parts.

old map
Shown on an old map by Morden 1695
- settlement, hamlet - Portesdown Hundred - Hampshire
Period - 1690s-1720s
refce: Morden 1695

old map
Shown on an old map by Blaeu 1645
- settlement, hamlet - Bosmere Hundred - Hantshire
refce: Blaeu 1645

old map
Shown on an old map by Speed 1611
- settlement, hamlet - Bosmere Hundred - Hantshire
refce: Speed 1611

old map
Shown on an old map by Norden 1607
- settlement, village - Portesdowne Hundred - Hamshire
Period - 1590s-1600s
refce: Norden 1607

old map
Shown on an old map by Saxton 1575
- settlement, village - Southamtoniae
refce: Saxton 1575

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