Woodfield Green Telegraph

Woodfield Green Telegraph (Wiltshire)
telegraph station, semaphore telegraph

Telegraph Cottage
refce: JandMN

commentary: There is nothing left, Telegraph Cottage built 1863 on site.
previous station Sherfield English Telegraph, Sherfield English
on Plymouth Semaphore Telegraph Line
next station Rushmore Hill Telegraph (Wiltshire)
refce: Holmes, T W: 1983: Semaphore, The: Stockwell, Arthur (Ifracombe, Devon):: ISBN 0 7223 1629 1

otherwise: Message Cottage; Drove, The
- Woodfalls - telegraph station, semaphore telegraph - Wiltshire
refce: Skelly, P, Mrs: 6.1998: (telephone conversation)
proposed site adjacent to Tinney's Firs on B3080, behind the village shop, never built; house built on site 'Message Cottage' now called 'The Drove'

   Old Hampshire Gazetteer - JandMN: 2001