10Km squares

Abbey Mill, Winchester
Allbrook, Eastleigh
Allbrook House, Eastleigh
Allbrook Junction, Eastleigh
Ampfield Parish
Ampfield Common, Ampfield
Ampfield Wood, Ampfield
Badger Farm Parish
Bar End, Winchester
Barnes Close, Winchester
Basingstoke to Winchester
Battery Hill settlement, Winchester
Beacon Hill, Ashley
Berrydown Farm, Hursley
Black Bridge, Winchester
Bourne Gate, Winchester
Boyatt, Eastleigh
Boyatt Wood, Eastleigh
Brambridge, Colden Common
Brambridge House, Colden Common
Bramdean to Winchester
Broadgate, Ampfield
Broom Hill, Eastleigh
Brownhill Park, Eastleigh
Bunstead, Hursley
Castle Ditch site, Winchester
Chandlers Ford Station, Eastleigh
Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh
Chandler's Ford Bridge, Eastleigh
Chandler's Ford Racecourse, Eastleigh
church site SU46532266, Otterbourne
City Bridge, Winchester
City Mill, Winchester
Close, Winchester
Colden Common Parish
Colden Common settlement, Twyford
College Mill, Winchester
Compton, Compton and Shawford
Compton and Shawford Parish
Compton Down, Compton and Shawford
Compton End, Compton and Shawford
Crab Wood, Sparsholt
Crabwood Farm House, Sparsholt
Cranbury hillfort, Hursley
Cranbury House, Hursley
Cranbury Park, Hursley
Crowdhill, Fair Oak and Horton Heath
Culvers Close, Winchester
Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway
Durngate Mill, Winchester
East Gate, Winchester
Eastleigh Parish
Eastleigh to Salisbury branch railway
Enmill Farm, Hursley
Fairdown, Winchester
Farley Mount Beacon, Ashley
Farley Mount settlement, Hursley
Field House, Hursley
Fisher's Pond, Colden Common
Forest of Bere Farm, Ashley
Four Dell Farm, Compton and Shawford
Freemantles Copse, Otterbourne
Fryern Hill, Eastleigh
Gabriel's Copse, Twyford
Grovelands Copse, Hursley
Hazeley, Twyford
Hensting, Owslebury
Hensting Farm, Owslebury
High Bridge, Otterbourne
Highbridge, Colden Common
Highcliffe, Winchester
Highcliffe Park, Winchester
Hiltingbury, Eastleigh
Hockley Mill, Cheriton
Hockley Railway Viaduct, Compton and Shawford
Hocombe, Hursley
Home Farm, Hursley
Hursley Lodge, Hursley
Hursley Park, Hursley
Hyde Street Bridge, Winchester
Itchen Navigation
King's Gate, Winchester
Knapp, Ampfield
Knapp Hill, Ampfield
Knighton, Twyford
Ladwell, Hursley
Lawn, Winchester
Leigh House, Eastleigh
Little Elms site, Twyford
Longwood Dean, Cheriton
LSWR Basingstoke to Winchester
LSWR Winchester to Southampton
Merdon Castle, Hursley
Merdon Manor Farm, Hursley
mill, Compton and Shawford
Miz Maze, Winchester
Mount Down, Hursley
Nan Trodds Hill, Hursley
New Alresford to Twyford
New Alresford to Winchester
New Barn Farm, Twyford
Nob's Crook, Colden Common
Norris's Bridge, Twyford
North Baddesley Parish
North Gate, Winchester
Northfields, Twyford
Oliver Cromwell's Battery, Badger Farm
Olivers Battery Parish
Oram's Arbour, Winchester
Otterbourne Parish
Otterbourne Hill, Otterbourne
Otterbourne Stream
Painters Fields, Winchester
Pitt, Hursley
Pitt Down, Hursley
Priors Barton, Winchester
railway junction, Compton and Shawford
Ratlake, Ampfield
Shawford, Compton and Shawford
Shawford House, Twyford
Shawford Junction, Compton and Shawford
Shawford Station, Compton and Shawford
Shawlands, Hursley
Shawlands Farm, Hursley
Shortledge, Winchester
Silkstead, Hursley
Silksted, Compton and Shawford
site SU491251, Twyford
Sleepers Hill, Winchester
Soke, Winchester
South Down, Compton and Shawford
South Gate, Winchester
South Lynch, Hursley
Southlynch Plantation, Hursley
St Bartholomew, Winchester
St Catherine's Hill, Winchester
St Catherine's Hill hillfort, Winchester
St Cross, Winchester
St Cross Bridge, Winchester
St Cross Mill, Winchester
St Giles Hill, Winchester
St Peter, Chesil
Standon, Hursley
Stanmore, Winchester
Stoke Common, Eastleigh
Stoke Park Farm, Eastleigh
Sutton Scotney to Winchester
Swifts Farm, Colden Common
Teg Down, Winchester
toll gate, Shortledge
toll gate, Standon
Tower Street settlement, Winchester
Tun Bridge, Winchester
Twyford Parish
Twyford Down, Twyford
Twyford Down settlement, Twyford
Twyford Lodge, Twyford
Twyford Moors, Twyford
Twyford to Southampton
Violet Hill, Hursley
West Gate, Winchester
West Hill, Winchester
West Wood, Sparsholt
Wharf Hill, Winchester
Wharf Mill, Winchester
White Horse, Ampfield
Winchester Chesil Station, Winchester
Winchester Station, Winchester
Winchester to Bishops Waltham
Winchester to Romsey
Winchester to Southampton
Winchester to Stockbridge
Wolvesey Palace, Winchester
Yew Hill, Hursley