10Km squares

Abbotstone, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Abbotstone Down, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Abbotstone Farm Mill, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Abbotstone Woods, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Alre, River
Alresford Dam, New Alresford
Alresford Mill, New Alresford
Alresford Station, New Alresford
Alton to New Alresford
Arlebury Park, New Alresford
Avington, Itchen Valley
Avington Bridge, Itchen Valley
Avington House, Itchen Valley
Avington House Footbridge, Itchen Valley
Avington Lake, Itchen Valley
Avington Manor Farm, Itchen Valley
Avington Park, Itchen Valley
Avington Weir Bridge, Itchen Valley
Borough Farm, Micheldever
Borough Hill, Micheldever
Bridgets Farm, Itchen Valley
Brown Candover, Candovers
Bugmore Hill, Old Alresford
Burcot, Micheldever
Burcot Farm, Micheldever
Burnt Wood, Itchen Valley
Burntwood Farm, Itchen Valley
Candover House, Candovers
Candover Stream
Chilland, Itchen Valley
Chilland Mill, Itchen Valley
Coombe Farm, Old Alresford
Couch Green, Itchen Valley
Cowdown Farm, Micheldever
Dodsley Wood, Micheldever
East Lane, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Easton, Itchen Valley
Fobdown Farm, Old Alresford
Folly Hill, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Foxhill, Candovers
Gospel Oak, Itchen Valley
Grange Bridges, Northington
Grange Farm, Tichborne
Grange Farm, Northington
Grange Park, Northington
Grange, Northington
Hampage Farm, Itchen Valley
Hampage Wood, Itchen Valley
Harfield, Itchen Valley
Itchen Abbas, Itchen Valley
Itchen Abbas Bridge, Itchen Valley
Itchen Abbas Station, Itchen Valley
Itchen Down Farm, Itchen Valley
Itchen Stoke, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Itchen Stoke and Ovington Parish
Itchen Stoke Down, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Itchen Valley Parish
Itchen Wood, Itchen Valley
Larkwhistle Farm, Itchen Valley
Lone Barn, Itchen Valley
Lone Farm, Itchen Valley
Lone Farm settlement, Itchen Abbass
Lovington, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Lovington House, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Lunways Inn, Itchen Valley
Martyr Worthy, Itchen Valley
Micheldever Parish
Micheldever Wood, Micheldever
mill, Bishops Sutton
mill, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
mill, Itchen Valley
mill, Micheldever
Mud Farm, Itchen Valley
New Alresford Parish
New Alresford Mill, New Alresford
New Alresford to Petersfield
New Alresford to Twyford
New Alresford to Winchester
New Down, Micheldever
New Farm, Micheldever
Newdown Farm, Micheldever
Newhouse Farm, Northington
Northbrook, Micheldever
Northington Parish
Northington Down, Northington
Northington Down Farm, Northington
Old Alresford Parish
Old Alresford House, Old Alresford
Old Alresford Pond, Old Alresford
Oliver's Battery, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Oliver's Battery hillfort, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Ovington, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Ovington Bridge, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Ovington House, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Ovington Mill, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Park Farm, Itchen Valley
Pinglestone Farm, Old Alresford
Scrubb Farm, Bishops Sutton
Seward's Bridge, New Alresford
Shroner, Itchen Valley
Shroner Hill Farm, Itchen Valley
Shroner Wood, Itchen Valley
Soke Bridge, New Alresford
South Down, Micheldever
Southbrook, Micheldever
Southdowns, Old Alresford
Staple Green, Itchen Stoke and Ovington
Swarraton, Northington
Swarraton Farm, Northington
Thorny Down Wood, Candovers
Tichborne Down, New Alresford
Tichborne Down Racecourse, Tichborne
Tichborne Down settlement, New Alresford
Tichborne House, Tichborne
Tichborne Park, Tichborne
toll gate, Staple Green
Totford, Northington
Totford Farm, Northington
Vernal Farm, Tichborne
Weir Mill, New Alresford
Weston Colley, Micheldever
Woodlands, New Alresford
Worthy Park, Itchen Valley
Yavington, Itchen Stoke and Ovington