Kennet and Avon Canal
MILE 46 Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire : KAC46.00=KAC47.00

KandAC mile 46
KandAC mile 46 - OS 1inch map, early 19th century.
... a contour canal wanders gracefully along the side of its valley, parallel the hillfoots ...
The Kennet and Avon Canal from mile 46 to 47 is part of the Fifteen Mile Pound which roughly follows a contour line on the side of Pewsey Vale. The towpath is on the south side.
Milepost 46, collapsed.
Barge Inn, Woodborough
Alton Barnes White Horse, Alton
All along this stretch of canal you catch glimpses of the Alton Barnes White Horse to the north.
The hill right of the horse is Walker's Hill; a young lady walking here one summer near Adam's Grave, a barrow, heard an army of horsemen which stopped as she passed the tumulus.
Alton Barnes Airfield, Alton
Eastwards of Stanton Bridge, Kennet and Avon Canal.
Stanton Bridge, Stanton St Bernard
Boat passing westwards under Stanton Bridge.
Boat on the Kennet and Avon Canal westwards of Stanton Bridge.
Butterbur, Petasites hybridus, on the towpath.
The canal westwards from near Stanton Bridge; blackthorn, Prunus spinosa, in flower.
Celandine, Ranunculus ficaria? on the towpath, nearly in the water.
Dandelions, Taraxacum officinale, and a bee, in the bank of the towpath.
Another pillbox; this is the largest type, made to house a 2 pounder anti-tank gun (?).
England's Bridge, Stanton St Bernard
KandAC culvert 46.72
An ugly piece of brickwork in the canal bank looks as if it is an overflow, feeding into one of the brooks from Stanton St Bernard.
KandAC culvert 47.00
Parish boundary Woodborough - Stanton St Bernard: SU10076162

Kennet and Avon Scrapbook 2000