Drayton's Hampshire 1613

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Rivers Rivers on Drayton's map of Hampshire and Dorset are drawn as grossly broad wiggly lines. Form lines emphasize their meaning. The major rivers are included, each with a naked nymph of the stream bathing in its waters. The rivers are named:

Stowre, ie the Stour



Itchin, ie the Itchen


Tychfelde river, ie the Meon
Other rivers are shown, but have neither nymph nor name. (A couple of tributaries in Dorset have a small nymph bathing at the head, pouring out the stream from a jar.) The other rivers can be identified:-
  • Moors River, off the Stour
  • Danes Stream
  • Avon Water
  • Lymington River
  • Beaulieu River
  • Bartley Water, off the Test
  • River Blackwater, off the Test
  • Wallop Brook, off the Test
  • Park Stream, branch of the Test
  • Somborne Stream, off the Test
  • Southampton Water
  • River Alre, off the Itchen
  • Wallington River, off Portsmouth Harbour
  • Ports Creek, from Portsmouth to Langstone Harbour
  • Great Salterns Lake, off Langstone Harbour
  • River Ems

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