Old Hampshire Mapped

Maps, a Booklist

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This book list has been assembled by chance, not by careful research. It has a strong bias towards Hampshire, but contains many general references. The list includes road books and books about old roads, books about surveying as well as about map making, and about old maps. The old publications will be very difficult to find!

:: Guide to Hampshire Transport Records: Hampshire County Record Office

: 1541: Cronycle of Yeres:: road book

: 1636: Direction for the English Traviller, A:: road book

: 1637: Carriers Cosmographie::: includes shire routes

: 1657 & 1662 & 1668: Book of the Names of All Parishes, Market Towns, Villages, Hamlets, and Smallest Places, in England and Wales: Jenner, Thomas (London)

: 1677: Book of the Names of All Parishes, Market Towns, Villages, Hamlets, and Smallest Places, in England and Wales: Garrett, John (London)

: 1791: Tour through the South of England: Edwards (London)

: 1835: Penny Cyclopaedia: Knight, Charles and Co:: under B for BEACON

: 1839: Penny Cyclopaedia: Knight, Charles and Co: vol.15: pp.210-213 under M for MILE

: 1844=1866: Catalogue of the Manuscript Maps, Charts and Plans: British Museum: 3 vols

: 1928: Four Maps of Great Britain designed by Matthew Paris about AD 1350: British Museum

: 1930: Description of the Ordnance Survey Small Scale Maps: Ordnance Survey (Southampton, Hampshire)

: 1930: Map of XVII Century England: Ordnance Survey (Southampton, Hampshire):: John Ogilby's routes plotted on a relief map of England and Wales

: 1936: Saxton's Atlas of England and Wales: British Museum (London):: facsimile, not including introductory material; copy see National Library of Scotland Map Library Map.Fac.b.C17 (1579)

: 1939: Weather Map: HMSO & Meteorological Office

: 1946 & 1949 (reprint): Brief Description of the National Grid Reference System: Ordnance Survey

: 1954: Description of the Ordnance Survey Large Scale Maps: Ordnance Survey

: 1954: Map of Monastic Britain: Ordnance Survey:: 2 sheets, north and south

: 1955: Description of the Ordnance Survey Medium Scale Maps: Ordnance Survey

: 1956 (3rd edn): Map of Roman Britain: Ordnance Survey (Chessington, Surrey)

: 1967: Maps and Plans in the Public Records Office, British Isles, c1410-1860

: 1991: Matching the Map Projection to the Need: American Cartographic Association (Bethesda, Md, United States)

: 1991: Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain (Speede): Johnathon Potter Ltd & Drayton Manor Pubg:: facsimile & ISBN 0 9511577 3 6 & copy see National Library of Scotland Map Library Map.Fac.b.B1 (1676)

: 1997 (facsimile): Pigot and Co's British Atlas: Bramley Books:: ISBN 1 85833 659 7

: 2000: Bridges in Hampshire of Historic Interest: Hampshire CC:: ISBN 0 1 85975 346 9

Adams, Frank: 1581: Writing Tables:: road book

Adams, John: 1680 & 1690 & 1700: Index Villaris: (London)

Addison, W: 1980: Old Roads of England

Agas, Ralph: 1596: Preparative to Platting of Landes and Tenements for Surveigh: (London):: British Library C.145.c.14

Akers, B: 1979: History of Watermarks: Map Collector: vol.6

Albert, W: 1972: Turnpike Road System in England, 1663 -1840

Aldin, Cecil: 1986 (reprint) & 1928: Romance of the Road: Bracken Books (London)

Alington, Gabriel: 1996: Hereford Mappa Mundi: Fowler Wright Books (Leominster, Herefordshire):: ISBN 0 85244 355 2

Allen, Phillip: 1997 & 1992: Atlas of Atlases: Marshall Publishing (London):: ISBN 1 842028 006 9; Cadbury Collection, Birmingham Central Library

Arlot, John (ed): 1953: John Speed's England: Phoenix House (London): 5 vols: facsimile of Theatre of Great Britain; copy see National Library of Scotland Map Library Map.Fac.b.C17 (1676)

Armitage, Geoff: 2000=2002(?): Shadow of the Moon, The::: eclipse mapping, 18th century

Aspinal, P J: 1975: Use of Nineteenth-Century Fire Insurance Plans for the Urban Historian: Local Historian: vol.11(6)

Atwell, George: 1662: Faithfull Surveyor, The: (Cambridge):: photocopy in University of Portsmouth Library acc no 7021255

Bagley, J J: 1971: County Maps and Town Plans (in) & Historical Interpretation vol.2 & Sources of English History 1540 to the Present Day

Bagrow, Leo & Skelton, R A (ed): 1985 (2nd edn): History of Cartography: Precedent Publishing (Chicago, Illinois, United States)

Baker, A R H: 1962: Local History in Early Estate Maps: Amateur Historian: vol.5

Barber, Peter & Board, Christopher: 1993: Tales from the Map Room: BBC (London)

Barber, Peter: 1999: Medieval World Maps (exhibition catalogue) & Hereford and other Mappae Mundi

Barron, Robert (ed): 1990: County Maps of Old England: Studio Editions:: ISBN 1 85170 403 5

Bates, Alan (compiler): : Directory of Stage Coach Services 1836: David and Charles

Batho, G R: 1959: Two Newly Discovered Maps by Christopher Saxton: Geographical Journal: vol.125: pp.70-74

Batten, Kit & Bennett, Francis: 1996: Printed Maps of Devon: Devon Books (Tiverton, Devon)

Baum, R K: 1972: Antique Maps of Leicestershire: Book House (Loughborough, Leicestershire) & de Elarge (Syston, Leicestershire)

Baynton-Williams, Ashley: 1992: Town and City Maps of the British Isles 1800-1855: Studio Editions (London):: ISBN 1 85170 941 X

Beaton, David: 2001: Dorset Maps: Dovecote Press (Stanbridge, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 4JD):: ISBN 1 874336 79 2

Beech, G: 1985: Tithe Maps: Map Collector: vol.33

Bellin, Jacques N: 2003 (?)(reprint) & 1764: Atlas Maritime des Cotes: Chase-Maree, Le (Armen):: ISBN 2 9037088 9 4

Bendall, Sarah (ed): 1997 (2nd edn): Dictionary of Land Surveyors and Local Map-makers of Great Britain and Ireland, 1530-1850: British Library (London): 2 vols: Peter Eden's dictionary updated

Bennett, J A: 1987: Divided Circle, The: Phaidon Christies (Oxford, Oxfordshire):: ISBN 0 7148 8038 8; super book on surveying instruments

Beresford, M: 1984: History on the Ground

Beresiner, Yasha: 1983: British County Maps: Antique Collectors Club

Beresiner, Yasha: 1985 (spring): New Source for Orlando Hodgson's County Maps: Map Collector: no.30: pp.40-41

Berry, B: 1963: Lost Roman Road, A

Berton, Simon & Robinson, Andrew: 1991: Shape of the World: Philip, George (London):: ISBN 0 540 01229 7

Bevan, W L, Rev & Phillott, H, Rev: 1969 (reprint) & 1873: Medieval Geography, an essay in illustartion of the Hereford Mappa Mundi: Meridian Pubishing Co (Amsterdam, Netherlands):: ISBN 90 6041 075 0

Bickham, George: 1967 (facsimile) & 1743: British Monarchy & New Chorographical Description of all the Dominions Subject to the King of Great Britain: Graham, Frank (Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear)

Bilkowski, K: 1983: Historic Parks and Gardens: Hampshire CC (Winchetser, Hampshire):: ISBN 0 900908 79 3

Birch, T W: 1964 (2nd edn): Maps, Topographical and Statistical: Oxford University Press (Oxford, Oxfordshire)

Black, Jeremy: 2000=2002 (?): Maps and History; constructing images of the past

Blakemore, M J & Harley, J B: 1980: Concepts in the History of Cartography: Cartographica: vol.17

Bleau, John: 1654 & 1662: Britannus

Blewitt, M: 1957: Survey of the Seas; a brief history of british hydrography

Blome, Richard: 1673: Britannia: (London)

Bond, M: 1964: Records of Parliament, a Guide for Genealogists and Local Historians

Bonser, K J: 1970: Drovers, The

Booth, J R S: 1980: Public Boundaries and Ordancne Survey 1840-1940: Ordnance Survey (Southampton, Hampshire)

Booth, John: 1979: Looking at Old Maps: Cambridge House Books (Westbury, Wiltshire)

Boud, R C: 1975: Early Development of British Geological Maps: Imago Mundi: vol.27: pp.73-96

Bowen, E: 1720 & 1970 (reprint): Britannia Depicta & Ogilby Improved & Road Atlas of England and Wales

Box, E G: 1934: Hampshire in Early Maps and Early Road Books: Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club: vol.12: pp.221-235

Box, E G: 1937: Hampshire in Early Maps and Early Road Books: Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club: vol.13

Box, E G: 1937: Norden's Map of Hampshire, 1595: Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club: vol.13: pp.165-169

Box, E G: 1937: Notes on the Two Circular Maps: ProcHFC (Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club): vol.13: pp.260-261

Brayshay, M: 1992: Royal Post-Horse Routes of Hampshire in the Reign of Elizabeth I: Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club: vol.48: pp.121-134

Bricker, Charles & Tooley, R V: 1968: Landmarks of Mapmaking: Elsevier-Sequoia (Brussels, Belgium)

Briggs, Geoffrey (ed): 1971: Civic and Corporate Heraldry: Heraldry Today (London):: ISBN 0 900455 21 7

Briscoe, A Daly: 1979: Tudor Worthy, Thomas Seckford of Woodbridge, A: (Ipswich, Suffolk)

Brown, Lloyd A: 1979 (reprint) & 1949: Story of Maps, The: Dover (New York, New York, United States):: ISBN 0 486 23873 3

Brown, Lloyd: 1960: Map Making: Little, Brown and Co (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)

Browne, John Paddy: 1990: Map Cover Art: Ordnance Survey (Southampton, Hampshire):: ISBN 0 319 00234 9

Burke, John Bernard: 1847: Encyclopaedia of Heraldry: Bohn, Henry G (London)

Burke, T: 1942: Travel in England

Bury, Henry: 1927=1931: Rivers of the Hampshire Basin: ProcHFC: vol.10

Camden: 1590 & 1607: Britannia::: copy see National Library of Scotland Map Library EU.9.C.1; pp.187-197 text pages for Hampshire (beware and ignore Wiltshire page header given in error), all in Latin except the bits in Greek

Camden, Wiliam: 1639: Guili Camdenii Viri Clarissimi Britannia, sive Florentiss. Regnorum Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae ... Descriptio

Campbell, E M J: 1962: Beginnings of the Characteristic Sheet to English Maps, The & Landmarks in British Cartography: Geographical Journal: vol.128: pp.411-415 and figures 1-6

Campbell, Tony: 1981: Early Maps: Abbeville (New York, United States)

Campbell, Tony: 1985: Original Monthly Numbers of Moule's 'English Counties': Map Collector: n0.31: pp.26-39

Campbell, Tony: 1987: Earliest Printed Maps 1472-1500: British Library (London):: ISBN 0 7123 0133 X

Campbell, Tony: 1989: Understanding Engraved Maps: Map Collector: no.46 : pp.2-

Carpenter, A M: 1967: Value of the Tithe Surveys to the Study of Land Ownership and Occupancy in the mid-Nineteenth Century, with special Reference to Hertfordshire: Hertfordshire Past and Present: vol.7

Carr, A P:: Cartographic Record and Historical Accuracy: Geography: vol.47: pp.135-144

Carroll, R A: 1996: Printed Maps of Lincolnshire: Lincoln Record Society (Woodbridge, Lincolnshire): vol.84

Cary, J: 1809: Traveller's Companion

Chapman, John & Seeliger, Sylvia: 1997: Formal and Informal Enclosures in Hampshire 1700-1900:: Hampshire Papers : no.12

Chandler, John: 1996: Printed Maps of Wiltshire 1787-1844: Wiltshire records Society (Trowbridge, Wiltshire):: ISBN 0 901333 29 8; a small selection

Child, Heather: 1956: Decorative Maps: Studio Publications (London)

Chubb, T: 1911: Descriptive Catalogue of the Printed Maps of Wiltshire from 1576 ... to 1885: Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine (WAM): vol.37: pp.211-326

Chubb, T: 1913 (?): Descriptive Catalogue of the Printed Maps of Gloucestershire 1577-1911: Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society

Chubb, T: 1966 (reprint): Printed Maps in the Atlases of Great Britain and Ireland, a Bibliography 1579-1870

Churchill, W A: 1935: Watermarks in Paper, Holland, England, France ... in the 17th and 18th centuries

Clarke, Nigel J: 1995: Adolf Hitlers Holiday Snaps::: ISBN 0 907683 45 2; Luftwaffe reconnaisance photographs 1939-42

Close, Charles, Col Sir & Harley, J Brian (introduction): 1969 (new edition) & 1926 (original): Early Years of the Ordnance Survey: David and Charles (Newton Abbott, Devon)

Close, Charles, Col Sir: 1931: Ancient Maps of Great Britain, with special reference to Hampshire: ProcHFC: vol.10: pp.211-219

Close, Charles, Col Sir: 1931: Old English Mile: Geographical Journal: vol.77: pp.338-342

Close, Charles, Col Sir: 1932: Map of England or about England with an Ordnance Map

Coates, Richard: : Place Names of Hampshire: Batsford (London)

Cobbet, W: 1830 (approx): Rural Rides

Cochrane, C: 1969: Lost Roads of Wessex: David and Charles (Newton Abbot, Devon)

Colebourn, Phil & Court, Nicky & Howe, Jonathan: 1995: Ancient Woodland & Hampshire's Countryside Heritage: Hampshire CC (Winchester, Hampshire):: ISBN 1 85975 046 X

Coles, K Adlard: : Creeks and Harbours of the Solent: Arnold, Edward (London)

Coles, K Adlard: 1977 (5th edn): Shell Pilot to the South Coast Harbours

Cooney, Roy J L: 1986: Chart Engraving at the Hydrographic Department 1951-1981: Cartographic Journal: vol.23: pp.91-98

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Cox, R H: 1948: Green Roads of England

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Cubon, A Marshall: 1974 (4th edn): Early Maps of the Isle f Man: Manx Museum and National Trust (Dougas, Isle of Man)

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Daly, Charles P: 1879: Early History of Cartography: Journal of the American Geographical Society: vol.11

Darby, H C: 1973: New Historical Geography of England

Dartington Amenity Research Trust: 1979: Defence of the Realm: not published; interpretive plan for Portsmouth City Council and Southern Tourist Board

de Dainville, Francois: 1964: Langue de Geographie; termes, signes, couleurs des cartes anciennes 1500-1800: Picard (Paris, France)

Debenham, Frank: 1940: Map Making: Blackie and Son (London)

Defoe, Daniel: 1962 (edn): Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain: Dent

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Defoe, D A: 1724=1726 & 1971 (reprint): Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain

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Digges, Leonard: 1571: Geometrical Practise named Pantometria, A: Digges, Thomas (London):: describes the theodolite

Doherty, Jane: 1981: Ancient Lanes and Tracks & Hampshire's Countryside Heritage: Hampshire CC (Winchester, Hampshire)

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Duckham, B F: 1968: Turnpike Records: History: vol.5

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Fordham, Herbert G, Sir: 1925: Paterson's Roads; David Paterson, his maps and itineraries 1738-1825

Fordham, Herbert G, Sir: 1925: John Ogilby 1600-1676; his Britannia and the British Itineraries of the eighteenth century: Library: vol.4

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Garland, Ken: 1994: Mr Beck's Underground Map: Capital Transport Publishing (London):: ISBN 1 85414 168 6

GEC: 1896: Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland ...: Pollard, William and Co (Exeter, Devon) & Bell, George and Sons (London):: vol.7 for Winchester pp.168-176, Southampton pp.192-196

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Grafton: 1572: Abridgement of the Chronicles of England (?)

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