Old Hampshire Mapped

  Analysis of old county maps of Hampshire and transcribed texts:
  Jean and Martin Norgate: 1996-2006

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Christopher Saxton's map of Hampshire, 1575, engraved by Leonard Terwoort.
John Norden's map of Hampshire, 1595 - Henry Overton edition, published 1670.
Peter Keer's map of Hampshire, 1605, English edition, published 1620.
John Norden's map of Hampshire, 1590s-1600s, William Hole engraving, published in Camden's Britannia, 1607.
John Speed's map of Hampshire, engraved by Hondius, 1611.
Michael Drayton's map of Hampshire, 1613, to accompany the second song of Poly-Olbion.
Mathew Simmons table of distances, and thumbnail map, Hampshire, 1643.
John Blaeu's map of Hampshire, 1645.
Johannes Jansson's map of Hampshire, 1646.
Richard Blome's Mapp of Hantshire, 1673, and extracts from Britannia, or a Geographical Description of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland.
John Ogilby's road strip maps, 1675, Hampshire plates. and text from his itineraries.
Robert Morden's map of Hampshire, 1695, published in later editions of Camden's Britannia, and his other maps.
John Senex's road strip maps, 1719-57, Hampshire plates.
Emanuel Bowen's road strip maps, 1720s-50s, Hampshire plates.
Thomas Badeslade's map of Hampshire, 1742.
George Bickham's perspective view of Hampshire, 1750.
Thomas Kitchin's large map of Hampshire, 1751, later published in the Large English Atlas by Thomas Kitchin and Emanuel Bowen, 1760.
Thomas Kitchin's small map of Hampshire, 1751.
Isaac Taylor's one inch map of Hampshire, 1759. Large scale map.
Thomas Kitchin's Post Chaise Companion, Hampshire plates, 1767.
Daniel Paterson's British Itinerary, Hampshire plates, 1785-93.
John Harrison's map of Hampshire, 1788.
Thomas Milne's one inch map of Hampshire, 1791. Large scale map.
Ordnance Survey one inch maps, 1st edition, Old Series, sheets for Hampshire, 1810-1855. Large scale map.
Aristide Perrot's miniature map of Hampshire, 1823.
C and J Greenwood's one inch map of Hampshire, 1826. Large scale map.
Post Office Circulation in England and Wales 1890, Hampshire area .

Other sources John Leland's observations about Hampshire made on his itinerary 1535-43.
William Camden's descriptive text for Hampshire from Britannia, 1607, ?translation by Holland 1610.
Extracts about Hampshire from Daniel Defoe's guidebook a Tour through the Whole of Great Britain, published 1724-26.
Thomas Cox's descriptive text about Hampshire from Magna Britannia, Antiqua et Nova, about 1738.
Entries for Hampshire from Richard Brookes's General Gazetteer, 16th edition 1815.
Hampshire parts of route descriptions from John Cary's New Itinerary, 6th edition 1815.
Extracts about Hampshire from William Cobbett's Rural Rides, 1830.

Miscellany Miscellaneous notes about topics from the maps; cartography and content ...
And notes about the HantsMap project.

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Hobbes Thomas Hobbes, 17th century:-
... when at Oxford ... 'tooke great delight to goe to the bookebinders shops and lye gaping on maps.'

Conrad Joseph Conrad, in Heart of Darkness:-
Now when I was a little chap I had a passion for maps. I would look for hours at South America, or Africa, or Australia, and loose myself in all the glories of exploration. At that time there were many blank spaces on the earth, and when I saw one that looked particularly inviting on a map (but they all looked that) I would put my finger on it and say, 'When I grow up I will go there.'

Dr Dee Dr John Dee, 1570:-
Some, to beautify their Halls, Parlors, Chambers, Galeries, Studies, or Libraries ... liketh, loveth, getteth, and useth, Maps, Charts, and Geographical Globes

Swift Swift commented:-
So geographers, in Afric maps,
With savage pictures fill their gaps,
And, o'er inhabitable downs,
Place elephants for want of towns.

Thanks We are grateful to various friends for encouragement. In particular: Alastair Penfold, Hampshire CC Museums Service; and Dominic Fontana, Geography Department, University of Portsmouth.