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all sorts During the course of preparing the Hampshire maps project we have 'looked up' all sorts of interesting material to help us understand elements on the maps. These notes are accessible here. But BEWARE: none of these notes is a definitive essay about the topic. They are our working notes; we would rather share them than hide them away. You must take the research further, more soundly, before relying upon them.
Cartographic details
title cartouches
compass roses, and other map orientation
scale lines on maps, old english mile, map scales
calculated diagonal distance tables and scales
latitude, longitude, prime meridian, ngr calculated
grid references for indexing old maps, OLDMAPS.exe
surveying instruments illustrated on maps
coats of arms, heraldry, blazons, family notes, etc
map symbols from different periods
transcription and spelling
colouring of maps; the tricking of plots
map colours, the paint box
Topographic features
relief; hillocks, hachuring, etc
markets and fairs
copperas and alum mining; Christchurch area
salterns; Lymington area and other parts of Hampshire
Diagrams of roads on maps from 1675 onwards
side-by-side strip road map comparisons
turnpike roads

Background Information
general booklist plus...
HantsMap project notes; why and how we did it
caveat Our whole project is unashamedly provincial; we must work from the sources that are available to us, here, based in Winchester, the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museum Service. It is not practical to use primary sources in far away London. Besides: there is plenty to do with what we have.
JandMN: 2001
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