Kennet and Avon Canal
MILE 42 Pewsey and Wilcot, Wiltshire : KAC42.00=KAC43.00

KandAC mile 42
KandAC mile 42 - OS 1inch map, early 19th century
... surely something must happen on the canal, somewhen ...
The Kennet and Avon Canal from mile 42 to 43 is part of the Fifteen Mile Pound which roughly follows a contour line on the side of Pewsey Vale. The towpath is on the south side up to Bristow Bridge where it roves to the north side.
Milepost 42; the post is a length of bridge rail, the wooden boards and iron numbers are rarely found. These are not sturdy mileposts in the cast iron canal tradition, presumably a late re-survey?
Boats moored east of Pewsey Bridge, looking east.
Shell of a swan mussel, Anodonta cygnea. These shells are not unusual in the earth of the canal banks.
KandAC culvert 42.13
Ivy, Hedera helix, strangling a tree.
KandAC winding point 42.15
Boundary marker, at the edge of the canal wayleave, in the field at the bottom of the embankment - outside the present canal fence.
The Great Western Railway, GWR, owned the canal from the mid 19th century, which didn't do the canal much good.
Mallard duck and drake, Anas platyrhynchos.
Parish boundary Pewsey - Wilcot: SU15116139
KandAC culvert 42.25
Approaching Bristow Bridge from the east.
Bluebells, Endymion nonscriptus, in Lower Bristow Copse.
Bristow Bridge, Wilcot
On the north side is Upper Bristow Copse, on the south Lower Bristow Copse.
Pillbox on the edge of Stowell Park, polygonal, mixed brick and concrete, facing south from the north side of the canal.
Brickwork, somewhat decayed, in the pillbox wall. The bricks seem to be cellular, why?
KandAC culvert 42.44
Just beyond the culvert there is a plug in the bed of the canal, though I saw no sign of the winch for it last time I was there. Pull the plug, or 'stop valve', and the water runs away - stanks, temporary dams across the canal, should have been set before you do this.
Stowell Park, Wilcot
Stowell Park Suspension Bridge, Wilcot
A converted wooden canal boat, moored near Wilcot.
View eastwards towards Stowell Park Bridge. The trees along the towpath are a planted avenue along the side of the parallel road.
Speedwell, Veronica persica, by the towpath.
Houses by the road alongside the north side of the canal, close to Wilcot.
View east from Wilcot Bridge, the mile section ends just to the east of the bridge.

Kennet and Avon Scrapbook 2000