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  Hundreds of old maps of Hampshire scanned: © Jean Norgate, 2002.
  Research on Hampshire maps and related items: Martin Norgate, 2003.
  Catalogue of Hampshire Museums' Map Collection: Martin Norgate, 2003.

     Other Old Hampshire Mapped Resources

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Illustrated Map Collection
  indexed by maker
  indexed by date
  sorted by type
  sorted by scale
  Alternative presentation of One-inch scale Maps covering Hampshire

  A brief introduction to Hampshire County Mapping
  Map Features and Town Names

Hampshire Map Groups & Research Notes
  indexed by maker
  indexed by date

Catalogue of the HCC Museums' Map Collection, 2003
  indexed by identity number
-- this is of the whole collection and includes items not relevant to Hampshire.

Index A-Z for Everything
-- very comprehensive, but rather over-enthusiastic. All items in the HCCMS map collection are included and there are many links which do not relate to Hampshire. Entries may be duplicated and the ordering unexpected.

-- Useful information about Hampshire
-- Martin's legacy 2003
-- Scale lines for identification

   Other Old Hampshire Mapped Resources