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These notes are made from a map of Wiltshire and Hampshire, with the Isle of Wight, perhaps by Aristide Michel Perrot, drawn by Thierry, engraved by Migneret, 1823, published by Etienne Ledoux, 9 Rue Guenegaud, Paris, France, 1824; published 1824-48.

The item used is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA1999.107.

The map is titled:-
It was published in
L'Angleterre, ou Description Historique et Topographique du Royaume-Uni de la Grande-Bretagne ... A Paris Chez Etienne Ledoux, Libraire, rue Guenegaud, No 9 ... 1824.
And published again in Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium, 1828.

Printed at the bottom:-
A. M. Perrot 1823 / Me. Migneret Sc.
Printed below the map
Le plan par Thierry
An estimate of the scale of this tiny map can be made from town positions, comparing known town-town distances, using DISTAB.exe. The map scale is about:-
1 to 2900000 ?
45.5. miles to 1 inch
The map is very small, Hampshire is only about 3cm wide, the two counties are drawn on a sheet, a sail? suspended from spars? mounted on an anchor; above are wheat stalks, oak leaves and what could be ribbons, below is a boar's head and the flukes of the anchor; plate number 'P.126.' is engraved top right. It is worth remembering that the boar is a symbol of Hampshire; and the anchor may be a reminder of the naval traditions of Portsmouth.

The map is included in the Old Hampshire Maps project as a curiosity.

Perrot, A M: 1824: Angleterre & Description Historique et Topographique du Royaume-Uni de la Grande-Bretagne: Ledoux, Etienne (Paris, France)

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