10Km squares

Andyke hillfort, Barton Stacey
Apsley Farm, Hurstbourne Priors
Barton Stacey
Basingstoke to Whitchurch
Bere Hill Farm, Andover
Bere Mill, Whitchurch
Berehill Farm, Whitchurch
Blind End Copse, Bullington
Bourne Rivulet
Bransbury, Barton Stacey
Bransbury Common, Barton Stacey
Bransbury Mill, Barton Stacey
Brickkiln Wood, Whitchurch
Budgett Farm, Longparish
Bullington Parish
Bullington Cross, Bullington
Chapmansford Farm, Hurstbourne Priors
Charlecot Farm, Whitchurch
Charlecote, Whitchurch
Common, Hurstbourne Priors
Cottage End, Longparish
Cowdown Copse, Hurstbourne Priors
Cranbourne, Wonston
Cranbourne Grange, Wonston
Cranbourne Wood, Wonston
Derrydown Farm, St Mary Bourne
Derrydown Farm site, St Mary Bourne
Dever, River
Devil's Ditch, St Mary Bourne
Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway
Dirty Corner, Hurstbourne Priors
Drayton Down, Barton Stacey
Drayton Camp, Barton Stacey
Drayton Pump, Barton Stacey
East Aston, Longparish
East Bullington, Bullington
Faulkner's Cross, Hurstbourne Priors
Faulkner's Down Farm, Hurstbourne Priors
Forton, Longparish
Fox Cottages, Longparish
Freefolk, Laverstoke
Freefolk Bridge, Laverstoke
Freefolk Manor, Laverstoke
Freefolk Priors, Laverstoke
Freefolk Wood, Laverstoke
Gables, Whitchurch
Gavelacre, Longparish
Gravel Hill, Chilbolton
Harewood Forest, Longparish
Harewood Peak, Longparish
Hill Barn, Bullington
Hogdigging, Whitchurch
Home Farm, Laverstoke
Hunton Down Farm, Wonston
Hunton Grange Farm, Wonston
Hurstbourne Park, Hurstbourne Priors
Hurstbourne Priors
Hurstbourne Priory, Hurstbourne Priors
Hurstbourne Station, Hurstbourne Priors
Larkwhistle Farm, Longparish
Laverstoke Grange, Laverstoke
Laverstoke House, Laverstoke
Laverstoke Park Bridge, Laverstoke
Link, St Mary Bourne
Little Bullington, Bullington
Longparish Parish
Longparish House, Longparish
Longparish Station, Longparish
Longparish Stocks, Longparish
Lower Bullington, Bullington
Lower Wyke Down Farm, St Mary Bourne
Lower Mill, Longparish
Lower Wyke, St Mary Bourne
Lower Wyke Farm, St Mary Bourne
Lynch Hill, Whitchurch
Manor Farm, Barton Stacey
Manor Farm site, Hurstbourne Priors
Manor House, Hurstbourne Priors
Mansion, Hurstbourne Priors
MARC 3 R26 site, Whitchurch
Middle Wyke, St Mary Bourne
Middle Wyke Farm, St Mary Bourne
Middleton, Longparish
Middleton Farm, Longparish
mill 2, Hurstbourne Priors
mill, Bullington
mill, Hurstbourne Priors
New Barn Cottages, Laverstoke
New Barn Farm, Hurstbourne Priors
New Barn Farm site, Hurstbourne Priors
Newbury to Whitchurch
Newton Stacey, Barton Stacey
Norsebury Ring, Micheldever
Norton, Wonston
Norton Manor, Wonston
Pachington Farm, Longparish
Paper Mill Farm, Longparish
Portal Mill, Laverstoke
Pot Bottom, Laverstoke
Priory Farm, Whitchurch
site SU440468, Hurstbourne Priors
Southfield Farm, Whitchurch
Southside Farm, Longparish
Spratt's Down, Hurstbourne Priors
Spring Pond Farm, Laverstoke
Steeles Farm, Ashmansworth
Tidbury, Bullington
Tidbury Common, Bullington
Tidbury Farm, Bullington
Tidbury Ring, Bullington
Town Mill, Whitchurch
Tracy's Dell, Longparish
Tufton, Hurstbourne Priors
Tufton Warren Farm, Hurstbourne Priors
Upper Bullington, Bullington
Upper Cranbourne Farm, Wonston
Upper Mill, Longparish
Upper Norton Farm, Wonston
Vale Farm, Longparish
Whitchurch Parish
Whitchurch Bypass site, Whitchurch
Whitchurch Fulling Mill, Whitchurch
Whitchurch Silk Mill, Whitchurch
Whitchurch South Station, Whitchurch
Whitchurch Station, Whitchurch
Whitchurch to Andover
Whitchurch to Sutton Scotney
Wool Down, Laverstoke